Easy tips to capture great photos

Photographs are the best way of preserving our memorable moments for lifetime. If the photos are clicked perfectly, then they show us a complete flashback of our beautiful memories, no matter how old they are. That’s the main reason why photography has become an integral part of our life. Most of the people think that one should be a professional to capture perfect photographs and they presume that they can just click pictures casually. However, if you just keep a few points in mind while clicking pictures you can easily capture great photographs. Here is a short list to start with:

beautiful nature

1. Read the manual and know your gear:
I bet this tip seems stupid to most of the people, but it’s a fact that occasionally photographers don’t know the power of their gear. Whether you are using a point-and-shoot or a DSLR, it is the most important thing. Read it frequently so that you can learn about the features of your camera.

2. Understand the significance of light:
While capturing photos in natural surroundings people might have faced difficulties. The reason behind this is that you are unable to understand the behaviour of light. My advice is to keep the sun behind you while photographing and see the difference. Also keep the shadows out of the frame.

3. Learn to crop, say no to zoom:
Zooming in to capture a specific subject and keeping other things out of the frame puts a bad impact on the image quality. It will be good to click the image in a better quality without zoom and then crop out the unwanted objects.

4. Play with colours:
Hangouts and picnics are one of the best moments to click photographs as there are people from family and friends who are pretty comfortable with each other and we have a perfect natural theme to click high quality stock photos. While capturing a group make them pose in a manner such that the person posing beside each other have clothes of different colour contrast. Try the same thing with background as well.

5. Click! Click! Click!
This advice will seem very irritating and annoying to you but believe me there is no other way to achieve perfection apart from practice. Just keep on trying and clicking as much as possible to discover new aspects of photography and to widen your horizons about the knowledge of photography.

I wish you all a very happy photography.



2 comments on “Easy tips to capture great photos

  1. Nice tips. The second point is very important. The light is what matters. After all it’s a photo – graph. And yes, click click click. Practice is only way one can excel in this art. Nothing can teach photography better than experience.

    • Thanks Irfan, i will appreciate you for understanding the significance of light. I always tell people that be adept in understanding light and you will perform amazingly well.

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