Photography ideas for beginners:

Photography is developing its deep roots even in the hearts of people who are not taking it professionally. The reason behind this is the power of photography which enables us to express ourselves and communicate with an ease. Apart from it, the cameras are now available at an affordable price as compared to the prices before 5-6 years. Even the prices of SLRs have reduced to a great extent. In present time many people just buy a SLR and after a while they realize that photography is not as easy as it seems. They generally run short of ideas and subjects to click. As photography is an art, it is not restricted to any particular boundaries and you can capture anything you want. I am presenting a compact checklist to start your photography mission:


1. Your backyard and garden:
     It is probably the best place to start with. There are many subjects at these places and best part is that you are the king here. You can do any manipulations according to your need and capture great photographs here.

2. Family members:
     The advantage with shooting portraits with family members is that the mutual understanding between you and them is perfect and it is the foremost thing to capture good portraits. Find some time on weekends for this.

3. Streets and public parks:
     Moving outside is a good option as you will find a great exposure of your near surroundings. Kids playing in a park and a group of elder people on a lazy evening are some of the amazing sights which you will invent with an ease.

4. Festivals and social events:
     Likeness of getting some perfect photographs in a social gathering or festival season is very high. The main reason behind this is that everyone is full of zeal and enthusiasm during these moments and you can easily reflect their emotions in your photos.


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