How to Click Amazing Nature Photographs:

Nature photography is a branch of photography which attracts most of the beginners towards itself as it is the biggest stream of photography in which there are a lot of options. The beauty of nature photography is that we can enjoy it to a great extent and if traveling is our hobby, then nature photography is a blessing for us. However to capture great nature photography you should keep the following things in mind:


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1. Know the Light:

The aptness of photographer in understanding light plays a very important role in honing up his photography skills. Light is the paramount factor in capturing beautiful nature photos as it adorn the image quality to a great extent.

2. Explore as much as possible:

The vastness of nature is incredible as compared to any other stream of photography. We have an uncountable list of subjects at our exposure from which we can choose according to our interest, as we all know a deep interest is mandatory to capture good quality of photos.

3. Shoot a lot:

It is pretty important as always. Sometimes because of our numerous clicks we get unexpected fruitful results. Perspiration always help us to a great extent. Capture a large amount of photos will also help us to understand many other factors important to photography, like shutter speed, aperture etc.

4. Use Tripod:

While capturing nature photos we shoot them at different terrain, different climates which are comparatively new for us. Hence to capture good quality photos and maintain the sharpness and clarity in our photos, use of tripod is really beneficial.


How to Enjoy a Photo-walk Safely:

Photo-walking is one of the most interesting way to indulge ourself in photography. In photo-walking people roam with their cameras and they capture the subjects which attract them. Photo-walking may be done alone or in a group, however I prefer group as in a group there are many advantages like it becomes more enjoyable, we learn from our mates and it is better safety-wise as well. Event like photo-walks give professional photographers a good platform to interact with people. Prior to a photo-walk, we should plan it precisely and keep some things in mind to enjoy it to the fullest.


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1. Keep yourself comfortable:
No doubt, it is the foremost thing. You are going some miles on your feet; so it’s pretty mandatory to choose comfortable footwear and clothes. As nobody want to get bruised or swelled feet after a long walk.

2. Keep your gear ready:
No body know what we encounter in the next second while a photo-walk, that event not give you enough time to adjust all your camera settings to click it. So the best approach to be ready all the time.

3. Aware of the surroundings:
Personally I feel it as the most important aspect. Your lack of attention might be fatal for you as well as for others. If you just find a wonderful subject to click then don’t forget the fact that you are on a road or pedestrian walk. Don’t cross this safe zone unconsciously.

4. Keep backup :
As you will roam along with the camera on all the time, it is obvious that your battery will drain out soon. So you must have some battery backup with you which will help you out in clicking for a longer time.